Ulises Avila Camargo


Greetings there! I am software developer with 2 years of experience building web portals using NodeJs and React.

I am looking for fulltime jobs related to this technologies.

The results that have made me feel proud are:

  • Improve the speed recognition of digital media of The Internet Archive.
  • Update a mobile application to use the latest technologies and be approved in Google Play Store for a small startup.
  • Implement a platform for better management of software proposals and contracts for projects

Case Studies

  • Companion Android mobile app

    Net Arquitectura

    A small app companion to their main ERP software.

    It connected to a custom webservice made in php that connected to the main database in the server.

    It used retrofit to make the api calls.

  • Media comparison

    The Internet Archive

    The Internet Archive has a big role in conserving the story of the internet, they requested a tool that let them match metadata of music against Youtube videos.

    The tool was a simple csv reader that matches information requesting information from the Youtube api.

  • Update Android app to align with Play Store guidelines


    Due to privacy reasons this company did not let me address their name.

    They needed to update their native dependencies because Google Play store changed the requirements of min sdk of Android, with this I had to check every native dependency to see which one had to be upgraded without breaking the application.

  • Application for supporting a new process of software project

    Masada software

    In order to improve the process of gathering and proposing software projects, Masada requested a web portal to create software proposals.

    The architecture of the app was divided between backend made in NodeJs and React for frontend, it uses JWT for security.

    The general idea was to select a template for the proposal, templates were also created beforehand, the fields are stored in the database, but the actual template file is in living in the server, so the petition to see the proposal only fetches the content from the database and parses the content.

    Admins could see when and who opened the proposal, in addition any client can accept the proposal.

    Mails were sent to each party to announce changes using sendgrid integration.

Contact me

If you are interested in working with me shoot me a message to ulisesavila04@gmail.com