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About me


Backend Web developer primarly, I know enough to be dangerous at Front End and a mix of Dev Ops.


Started working around 2018. My fisrt job was at doing an Android app from the bottom. There was nothing designed so I had to take decisions on the architecture on it. It was rough but I have fond memories of that project.

After that I jumped to freelance Backend Development.

I was not alone at this. I started taking full stack jobs with friends, in total we are a team of 3. We have a purely Front End Developer, and two Full Stack Developers, but normally I prefer to take backend tasks only

Our preferred stack was isomorphic javascript using express for the back and react for the front. We have been enforcing our oportunity areas as developers and we are able to choose tech stacks according to the problem at hand

After being freelancer, my absolutely favorite part is seeing clients getting happy with their products, simple things like "It works as I imagined" brings me too much joy.

I still think that I have a long road to cross, so I improve myself little by little.

Preferred languages

  • Elixir
  • Python
  • Javascript

Libraries I have worked with

  • In Elixir, absinthe
  • In Python, asincIO, gTTS, moviepy, pillow, praw, requests, selenium
  • In Javascript, aws, angular, react, materialui, express, sequelize, momentjs, date-fns, jest, node-schedule, bull, redis, mail gun api, firebase api for notification sending
  • In Java Android sdk for android development

There may be some extra libraries that I have used but the ones listed before are the most important

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