Speaking is more joyful than writing | Ulises Avila
Monday 25 April 2022

Speaking is more joyful than writing

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I remember my high school days when I used to write some reports using Dragon Neutral Speaking software I do not understand why I didn't continue doing that.

Because now I'm having the same creative blockage that many people have. This problem is famous, you know it, and you may have suffered from it.

You have a topic to write about and even though you have the overall structure of your posting you don't have ideas coming to you, and this problem is exacerbated because you enter into a loop that doesn't let you work. No idea comes to you, staring at the white space of your monitor stresses you back, then you force yourself to write something but again nothing comes to mind, and when you finally have something to write then suddenly the flow of the ideas stops, and then you get into the loop again.

This situation blinds us to the real problem and it is that we are not used to expressing ourselves. Making your ideas come to you is also a skill that has to be developed, and forcing us to write is hindering us from improving such skill

This is why I think that speech-to-text technologies come into play as I said in my introduction paragraph, I used to use one to write some reports and now I don't use it anymore I don't even know what is the reason behind this. But today I get the realization that now I have the same opportunity but now inside a smartphone. This pushes me to again start writing some ideas, but now those ideas are not going to come from my fingers if not from my mouth.

This posting here is done fully by speech-to-text technologies I also need to train my idea eloquence fluency, not just my fluency in using a foreign language. This also helps to develop speech skills and my elaboration of texts too.

So this is more a text to tell you that if you aren't writing the old-fashioned way. Do not distress yourself over word count typing because that will be a hassle to your thought process and if you start to dictate your ideas, also do not get distressed on the maximum words per minute that speaking will supposedly give you unless you already have the text word by word in your mind, you won't benefit of the primary speed that speech gives you.

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