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Friday 08 October 2021

Why start this journal

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This is a message for those who are thinking of starting any kind of project, whether it's a personal or a professional project. Just start it.

I am not telling you to blindly jump without knowing your landing spot. It is just that for actions that require an expected outcome, they need a certain degree of planing.

And to me, that is the most important thing for achieving objectives, having a plan.

This reminds me the concept of vector, which is a quantity that has a magnitude and a direction.

This can be extrapolated to our own personal lives. Let's say that our want is this quantity, but we need to focus it into a direction.

Without direction, this plan will go nowhere, or if it actually moves, it will go any place.

Then, this direction will be given by a plan. That is why my emphasis on having one.

Yet, in my opinion, planing is not the hardest part of doing a project.

We can make a good amount of plannings and still not going anywhere. Because we would be in a false sense of accomplishment as a byproduct of planing.

This is why I invite you to start all your objectives that you have been having all this time, it does not matter how old are them.

You will face difficulties, that's sure, but you will never know what is actually such problems until you try to reach your objectives.

In the meanwhile, this blog, in special this tag, will be my own journal to show my steps into becoming a better developer.

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